Adult & Jr Advocates Intl

Team Adult & Jr Advocates Intl

Verity Ascioglu

Lucy Marie Beech

Amy Brubaker

JaeLynn Bosner

Mackenzie Carreras

Leigha Greene

Tyler Hardin

Zacko Hardin

Andi Hawk

Tibo Hendrickx

Kayla Long

Rachel Long

Olivia Marshall

Kristina McCombie

Robert Scoggins

Keira Shafiq

Chris Schmersal

Harley Snell

Grace Tuton

Poppy Wynn


Team Spur Tech Advocates and Junior Advocates Program


We are now seeking Advocates (adults) and Junior Advocates (under 18) for the Spur Tech Class of 2022!

We seek brand advocate equestrians who are just as excited as we are about Spur Tech Spur Straps! We look for your strong social media presence and following, coupled with your willingness to help spread the word about Spur Tech.

All Spur Tech Advocates should have a regular competition schedule at horse shows, and must conduct himself or herself in a positive, courteous and professional manner on social media platforms.

Requirements of being a Team Spur Tech Junior / Advocate:

  • Follow, like, comment our social media Instagram & Facebook accounts 
  • Follow, like, comment #teamspurtech 
  • Post a minimum of 4x per month on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook using Spur Tech; tag with #teamspurtech #spur_tech, #spurtechspurstraps,  
  • Post and share all Spur Tech social media Store promotions with your followers (Please see Authorized Dealers List)

Benefits of being a Team Spur Tech Junior / Advocate:

  • Complimentary pair of Spur Tech Spur Straps of your choice
  • Discounts on future strap purchases
  • Features of you on Spur Tech's social media 


FOR RIDERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18, PARENT OR GUARDIAN PERMISSION IS REQUIRED.   In the form below in "Comments", please provide the name, email address and phone number of your consenting parent or guardian.