Spur Tech was born from the concept that an equestrian's command aides, especially the spur, must be executed with complete reliability in the placement and continued stabilization of the spur. Spurs that shift away from ideal placement during a ride can very easily cause unintended commands.  

Our way of connection with the horse stays precise, comfortable and unmatched. 

Spur Tech Spur Straps optimize consistency in the commands we give, proven time and time again by equestrians around the world and throughout the English riding spectrum, including Tokyo 2020 qualified riders. So while completely stable and accurate spur placement has always been the objective in our sport, the confidence gained with Spur Tech is a major game-changer.

Our straps are made of state-of-the-art, highest quality yet very low-maintenance materials and provide a perfectly streamlined and traditional appearance on any size boot, from small children's boots to the largest adult boots. They hold spurs securely in place and stay right where we place them, comfortably.

The "On the Buckle" model is specifically designed for impeccable formal turnout in the show ring, yet are entirely durable for everyday use.  Featuring a microfit system to adhere perfectly and very comfortably to your boots, they are easy to put on, adjust spur height, take off, and do not stretch, crack, fray or reshape.  They are so easy to keep clean.   

Please enjoy the "Pro Testimonials" Tab and also the product reviews located adjacent to each item option in the store areas.  

We guarantee our products and also guarantee that you won't go back to your old straps. 

Spur Tech Spur Straps is a division of Five Tool LLC. Our products are internationally patented. 

Your feedback is welcomed!  From our Spur Tech family to you, very happy riding.  

Jill Howser and Jana Howser