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Spur Tech Brand Ambassador Program

We are seeking brand ambassadors who are equestrians that are just as excited as we are about Spur Tech Spur Straps! We want people with a strong social media presence and following that are willing to help spread the word about Spur Tech. Ambassadors should have a regular competition schedule at horse shows, and must conduct him or herself in a positive, professional manner on social media.

Benefits of being a brand ambassador:

  • Complimentary pair of Spur Tech Spur Straps of your choice
  • Discounts on future strap purchases
  • Being featured on Spur Tech social media sites

Amateur-Friendly Brand Ambassador Program:

Ambassadors who are amateur-declared members of US Equestrian do not receive free or discounted product, or remuneration of any sort from Spur Tech. Being a ambassador of Spur Tech simply means we will post photos of you and your horse to help promote the Spur Tech brand. 

Requirements of being a brand ambassador:

  • Follow & like our social media Instagram & Facebook accounts
  • Post at least 1x per month on Instagram and/or Facebook about Spur Tech with quality pictures or videos when wearing the straps
  • Share the promo code discount campaigns we provide for social media followers of ambassadors

Want to join us? Please email us at with the following information: (let us know you are inquiring on the ambassador program)

  • Name
  • Age
  • Rider status: Professional, Junior, Etc.
  • Riding Discipline & Level 
  • Types of competitions attended
  • Why you would be a great Spur Tech ambassador?
  • Links to your Facebook and Instagram accounts